Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Handy Man

You ever meet those handy-men types? Square jawed and heavy-browed, they can often be seen fixin' things just for the sake of fixin'. A good friend of mine is a handy man, and truthfully, I've always lived in absolute awe of him. Wiring in your house causing problems? He's your man. Need to jackhammer your driveway to lay new interlocking brick? He's got your back. Need to get...well you get the point. If you need it done, the handy man is there for you.

In marketing, these fellows possess what is called a big tool box. They can write copy, do art direction, sell like Mary Kay, and they know the guy who knows the guy that gets free low fat mocha latte's from the pretty girl with pink shoes at Starbucks. The boss knows that if they ask the handy man for anything, it'll get done, and it'll be done well.

And yet, never has there been a more disparaged employee. Become a specialist, the pundits say. Being a great art director is better than being good at many things! Thats how you make the big bucks, we students are told.
I say NONSENSE. And apart from regaling you with more incessant babble, perhaps next week i'll tell you why.



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