Thursday, February 4, 2010

It was true in the Neolithic Age, and its true now...

The Neolithic Age started in approximately 9500 BCE, firmly planted between the Stone Age and the Bronze Age. Marked by the introduction of farming and the domestication of once wild animals, the Neolithic Age was a time of great change. No longer could hunters just be hunters, or gatherers just be gatherers. No, in order to survive, the people of the time had to evolve and develop new skills.
It's not so different today. Sure, we're somewhat more advanced then Neolithic men and women, but the same principal applies; develop or die. Like ancient man, it is important to be versatile. Not only could he hunt and gather, but he could farm, build huts, and make weapons. He had to, or he would go hungry, never mind find a mate.
Imagine a neolithic conversation "hey Ugrat; Garflatch, Yaplesh and the boys are going hunting for antelope, you in?"
"Um, thanks Moptak, but you know i've never really been good with the spear. I'll just stay here and roll around in my own shit."
Now you know that's not going to fly. Ugrat better get his ass hunting or there'll be hell to pay.

Well the same can be said in advertising. If your boss needs you to pitch a client, telling her you're uncomfortable in front of people in suits is akin to career suicide. And if she tells you to come up with some visuals for the new Tampax campaign, telling her you're "Just a writer" is just foolish.
But why would your boss need you to do things out of your area of "expertise" you ask? Well just take a look at the economy for the obvious answer. Downsizing isn't a catchphrase due to its multi-syllabic beauty; it's a reality of the modern workforce.
So don't be Ugrat and get caught rolling around in your own shit. Take the initiative and go out and get yourself an antelope!




  1. Mike...this blog is so entertaining. I love your use of knowledge and witty comments to get your message across. I am looking forward to seeing what else your gonna write about..
    enlighten us all pls ha

  2. Many a magnificent man has been moved to make a myriad of modifications. All for the machinations of the masters. More mastery of miscellaneous skills means more money for the magnates that manipulate you. Malaise and madness Mike!

    Merely my musings.

    The Phantom